Our Answer to Stratasys’ Claims

Afinia announces today that it has filed its answer, affirmative defenses and counterclaims to the Complaint filed by Stratasys.

According to Attorney William J. Cass, of Cantor Colburn, “Afinia has included affirmative defenses of patent misuse and will be investigating a potential claim for antitrust (by patent) given the significant differences between the asserted claims and the Afinia H Series.”

Afinia is represented by William Cass of Cantor Colburn (860.286.2929 – wcass@cantorcolburn.com) and Mark Burns of Haugen Law Firm.

Afinia’s answer to the Complaint filed by Stratasys [PDF]

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Our Answer to Stratasys

  2. Alan Richard says:

    Whilst I respect intellectual property and the great investment in time and money a company invests in developing such property should be able to be protected. I feel that Stratasys is using this system to commercially and strategically eliminate competition and stifle development by others. Ultimately it is the consumer who suffers from stagnant design and a marketplace dominated by one supplier.
    Best wishes with this case.

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